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Maquereau Ponzu avocat grillé, Champeaux

Appetite for the known, hunger for discovery


I suggest a new and lighter version of the classics. Less fat, starch, sugar and more vegetables, more condiments and spicy sauces.

– Chef at champeaux

We've turned the soufflé!

The chef at Champeaux, knows the codes: he takes care to put the essentials of brasserie cuisine on his menu. Onion soup au gratin, blanquette de veau or beef tartare au couteau are perfect examples. But he loves to have fun: the brasserie must live with the times, right? So he shifts, he invents, he plays. The mackerel in white wine, for example. It is replayed here in a contemporary and relaxed way: it is cooked over a flame, served with snacked avocado (yes, avocado is not only eaten in salads!) and a ponzu vinaigrette whose acidity recalls white wine. Discover the current menu: it changes very frequently so that neither the Chef nor you risk getting bored!

Soufflé Champeaux
 champeaux – soufflé – cocktail – canopée – terrasse –

We sprinkled the ice cream!

The same delicious coexistence of the known and the discovered for the sweet section of the menu. Lovers of sure things will find the formidable rum savarin or the seductive fountain of blue. But the pastry chef does not stop there. She tackles the monuments. The ice creams (they obviously come from Alain Ducasse’s ice cream factory) are drizzled with a carefully chosen alcohol to match them, for example Suze and Chartreuse for the three vanillas or vodka for the lemon.

glace arrosée champeaux
 champeaux – soufflé – cocktail – canopée – terrasse –

Tastes and colors

The mixologist, Olivier, who learned his art in London for over ten years, has concocted a menu of cocktails with and without alcohol. To do so, he uses high quality spirits such as Moët champagne, 7 year old Cuban Eminente Reserva rum or American Bulleit bourbon. Olivier also prepares some of the ingredients himself, such as an infusion of citrus peels, cherries and lemon peel for the Summer House or the decoction of lemongrass root, green cardamom and cloves for the Guarani. And he doesn’t forget to pay homage to the Halles district with the Saint Eustache, a non-alcoholic fruit cocktail, which mixes fruits from the Saint-Eustache orchard.

Cocktails Champeaux
Champeaux, la salle

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